Advocacy is very important to Kidango. As a State-funded program, it is critical that we protect and preserve funding to serve children and families with quality programming. Since 2008, approximately one billion dollars has been cut from early education and child development programs in California for low-income families. Collaborating with parents, teachers, and other community organizations, we have raised our voices to advocate for funding and programs that prepare children for future academic success and allow parents to remain employed, stay in school or complete job training programs to strengthen California's economy.

We hope that you will join us as to protect vital funding and services that so many children and families rely on each day. This year, we have attended State and Budget Committee hearings to testify on behalf of children and families who are at jeopardy of losing care, written emails and letters and made phone calls to our Governor and State Legislators to voice our objections to proposed budget cuts, and participated in rallies with other community organizations to show our opposition to budget cuts at our State Capital in Sacramento.

We hope you will watch the videos below that highlight the importance of early education and child development programs and why it is critical that these services remain available to ensure a bright and promising future for our children and California.

Please call us at 510-897-6913 for more information about our advocacy efforts and how you can join us in making a difference for our most vulnerable children and families.