Nutrition Services

nutrition services Your child's early experiences with food will have an impact on his or her future health. Kidango provides a nutritious breakfast, lunch and afternoon snack, depending on the session they attend. Infants are fed formula or expressed breast milk on their individual schedules. Meals are tailored to the ages of the children with infants and toddlers transitioning to baby food and table food, as they are developmentally ready. All meals are prepared fresh daily from our central kitchen, exceed the nutrition standards of the USDA Child Care Food Program and are provided free-of-charge to children enrolled in our centers.

Parents and family members are welcome to schedule a meeting with our Nutrition Services Manager, to visit our central kitchen, or to discuss any special dietary needs or concerns. Our nutrition staff accommodates most dietary restrictions. Our menu includes meals inspired by cultures from around the world, as well as an array of different tastes and textures. The Kidango central kitchen is licensed and inspected by the Alameda County Health Department.

For more information regarding Kidango's Nutrition services please contact:

Jenny Alber
Nutrition Services Manager
(510) 897-6930