Who We Are

Our Mission: To Inspire Children, Empower Families and Build Stronger Communities

who we are Our Core Values:

  • Providing Exemplary Services
  • Promoting Potential
  • Partnering for Progress
  • Nurturing Relationships
  • Embracing Differences
  • Advocating for Improvement
  • Improving through Reflective Practice

Since 1979, Kidango has been firmly committed to the success and well-being of each child and the family as a whole.

Today, we provide early education, child development and family services in eleven cities and serve over 2,500 children in centers, family child care home education sites and in their homes. Our families represent the rich ethnic, cultural and economic diversity of the San Francisco Bay Area.

We have emerged as a leader creating programs and advocating in our communities for services that promote inclusion, school readiness, identifying and helping high-risk populations and promoting an increase in social, emotional and cognitive development of children. We are one of the few agencies with noted expertise in early childhood mental health, early intervention services and early childhood education.

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